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Security Assessment

There are many benefits to conducting cybersecurity assessments today, including protecting user privacy data, sensitive data, data sources, and many other important things. By realizing the potential risks of existing cyber weaknesses, it is necessary that a cyber security network that is applied to the system is well planned and carried out professionally. In this case, we offer solutions that can reduce potential system weaknesses and improve system performance.

Software Development

In software development, we help you design, build and develop your system, product or service. Whether your system requires a custom software solution, requires a system integrator experienced in creating interconnected software ecosystems, or you want to expand your IT team’s collaboration with software development teams across cyber networks. We are the right partner in developing application systems that suit your needs.

Data Integration

Our data integration solutions are capable of extracting and modifying precise and scalable data, tracking anomalies in data, and integrating processed data into running systems. These solutions can help our clients get the data insights they have in order to make important decisions. It also means being able to easily move data permanently in order to increase data storage capacity or flexibility in addressing performance issues or adopting new technologies.

Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing solutions help to ensure that our client’s systems work optimally and are safe from the risk of cyber attacks, by periodically conducting system penetration tests to determine the level of vulnerability and the magnitude of the impact resulting from exploitative attacks on the client’s business. We have experience conducting extensive penetration testing of more than 100 targets in various sectors, including finance, healthcare, energy, telecommunications, e-commerce, insurance, payment gateways, and public services.

We are committed to always build a robust system, to support automation of operations, improve discipline and smart work, by periodically checking and correcting errors in the system, and also developing solutions to work more optimally

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